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Lamb Ciste

Tucking into some boiled mutton last week simply gave me more of a taste for lamb and made me determined to try this traditional Irish recipe for Easter. A lamb ciste* (pronounced with a hard C) is the biggest festival of meat I’ve seen in a long time and I think we all know I […]


Boiled Mutton

Alright, technically it’s lamb, but boiled lamb probably sounds even less appealing to you. But don’t be misled, there was a reason this dish was a Victorian classic. You take a piece of lamb (or mutton) and essentially poach it slowly with herbs and vegetables and you end up with beautiful moist meat that falls […]


Slow Cooker Pig Cheek and Aubergine Stew

I’ve recently taken a bit of a shine to aubergines. I’ve always had terrible trouble cooking them well, ending up with something vaguely slimy and acrid unless I use the slow cooker. Even then I keep thinking I don’t really like aubergines so don’t bother buying them, but as they are one of the few […]


Chicken Fried Pork

Belfast folk of my vintage may well remember the Chicago Pizza Pie Factory (where the Stiff Kitten was down the side of the cinema on Dublin Road.) Then again, they might not as it was primarily famed for its cheap Monday night cocktails and extremely lax ID rules. It did also serve food. The Chicago […]


Champ Rosti

*Warning: this recipe may contain surprise cheese… It was Pancake Day this week and with my usual organisational skills when I went to make pancakes for dinner on Tuesday, I had run out of eggs. And I don’t want to know how to make pancake batter without eggs thank you very much. I thought what […]