New Things

I have never been a great fan of change if I’m honest. I like stability, I like steadiness. I hate surprises. The greatest gift you can give me is consistency. But sometimes things do change organically and temper the uncertainty of it all.
And my life has been full of changes recently. From fodmaps and diets to emotions and eating disorder recovery and people and places, they’ve been the kind of changes that take guts and grit but start pay off in spades the more you dig.
Instead of that feeling of being in a hole, it’s the kind of digging that gives you a pile of earth to stand on to raise yourself higher as you wave at everyone round you. Different view and different perspective and it means change can feel empowering rather than overwhelming.
So it’s time for me to make another change and move on from this blog. After nearly seven years here I’m moving onto a new path and pasture at and seeing where that takes me.
Thank you to everyone who read here and made it an experience I never expected when I started out. I’ve loved your reactions and comments and I look forward to welcoming you at my new home!

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