Miss South lives in South West London, and has the world at her fingertips due to the global range of her local market ands the city beyond.

Her grocery budget is small enough to be found only with a magnifying glass, but she has all the time in the world to dedicate to cooking and eating, as well as exploring the breadth of places to eat out in South London.

She’s becoming addicted to slow cooking, baking and offal, though rarely at the same time…

Mister North lives in the south Pennines between Manchester and Leeds, on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border.

He benefits from plenty of choice when it comes to locally produced food and drink, and loves trying regional specialities and discovering new and old favourites. His grocery budget is reasonable but due to the vagaries of working as a freelance he’s not always got as much time for cooking as he’d like (though he’ll always try to eat and drink well).

An irregular contributor to the blog these days, he focuses on photographing and designing for food and drink clients, as well as the geeky behind-the-scenes stuff here.