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New Things

I have never been a great fan of change if I’m honest. I like stability, I like steadiness. I hate surprises. The greatest gift you can give me is consistency. But sometimes things do change organically and temper the uncertainty of it all. And my life has been full of changes recently. From fodmaps and […]

Image or Text?

The fantastic guys at GastroGays got an interesting chat going on Twitter over the week about the rise of Instagram and the decline of food blogs (according to the Observer Food Monthly Awards) that got me thinking. I like Instagram much more than I expected when I joined up but I feel very much like […]

Homemade Umami Powder

I mentioned last week that I am obsessed with salty savoury umami things, usually in the shape of anchovies. This is partly for health reasons and partly because I just love those deep fifth taste flavours. I occasionally worry that I’m desensitizing myself to them as I increase the amounts of umami in my diet […]

Marinaded Fresh Anchovies

I think anchovies might be my favourite ingredient in the kitchen. Or at least the one I use the most. I don’t do a lot of vegan or veggie cooking but when I do the thing I always have to think about is not just adding something anchovy based into it. Lea & Perrins, Gentleman’s […]

Fodmap Friendly Chicken Stock

When I tell people about fodmaps, they all always without fail tell you how they couldn’t live with onion or garlic. And yet neither of those are things I miss at all. Yes, it’s a pain the proverbials not to be able to eat them but I don’t crave either. I would however sell a […]