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1950s Devilled Sardines and Tomato Charlotte

As the entire world is now aware, I’ve got some food issues that make me feel very unwell at times. At home this is usually treated by undoing my top button and drinking cup after cup of peppermint tea. But that doesn’t work in public so well and I rely on a variety of indigestion […]

Slow Cooker Pig Cheek and Aubergine Stew

I’ve recently taken a bit of a shine to aubergines. I’ve always had terrible trouble cooking them well, ending up with something vaguely slimy and acrid unless I use the slow cooker. Even then I keep thinking I don’t really like aubergines so don’t bother buying them, but as they are one of the few […]

Chicken Fried Pork

Belfast folk of my vintage may well remember the Chicago Pizza Pie Factory (where the Stiff Kitten was down the side of the cinema on Dublin Road.) Then again, they might not as it was primarily famed for its cheap Monday night cocktails and extremely lax ID rules. It did also serve food. The Chicago […]

Champ Rosti

*Warning: this recipe may contain surprise cheese… It was Pancake Day this week and with my usual organisational skills when I went to make pancakes for dinner on Tuesday, I had run out of eggs. And I don’t want to know how to make pancake batter without eggs thank you very much. I thought what […]

A Waste of Space

I haven’t written anything for weeks because I haven’t cooked anything for weeks beyond the narrowest repertoire of pork shoulder steaks, rice and chicken and rice. I feel like all my meals are one drizzle of gravy away from being confused with what people feed the dog. My body which isn’t good with fruit or […]