Spring Succotash Salad

succotash salad

I was quite nervous posting last week’s piece about the psychology of dietary intolerances in case it just sounded whiny, but it seemed to have resonance with many of you and I was bowled over by the response. The kindness and thoughtfulness in comments, tweets and emails was genuinely overwhelming and inspiring. I’ve felt much less despondent this week and I’ve spent more time cooking than in the previous month put together.

So it seems like a bit of a cheat to post a recipe that has almost no cooking involved. I’ve been really busy this week and just wanted something easy to make on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I had a little rummage in the fridge and freezer and with my odds and ends came up with this salad version of the American dish succotash.

It usually involves some kind of bean mixed with fresh corn and rather than used tinned pulses which are Fodmap kryptonite I’ve added broad beans for colour and flavour. I’m experimenting with using small amounts of vegetables to allow me to eat  wider variety of things without feeling ill, so I bulked the potentially problematic beans and corn* out with potatoes and added a dressing of lime juice, mustard and oil and dressed it all with lots of parsley and it was fantastic. You could use fresh corn or broad beans when they come into season, but it made frozen veg much more interesting and satisfied some of my longing for the crunch and texture of vegetables which I’m really missing.

Spring Succotash Salad (serves 2)

  • 100g broad beans
  • 100g sweetcorn
  • 100g green beans
  • 100g cherry tomatoes
  • 100g new potatoes
  • 35g fresh parsley
  • 2 limes, juiced
  • 1 tablespoon oil (this garlic oil would work well)
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon Tabasco sauce or other hot sauce
  • salt and pepper

This is incredibly quick to make. I started with the potatoes, cutting them small and steaming them for 5 minutes in the microwave. I almost never boil potatoes anymore as this is quicker, easier and I prefer the flavour especially with new potatoes.

As the potatoes cook, pour some boiling water over the broad beans and allow to sit for two minutes. Drain and then pop the gorgeous green inner beans out of the tough waxy outer shells. While you do this, pour some boiling water over the corn and allow to sit. Drain when the beans are ready and toss them both into a large bowl.

Quarter the cherry tomatoes and add along with the potatoes and some chopped parsley. Season well with salt and pepper. Make the dressing by combining the oil, lime juice and mustard together and tossing over the salad. Sprinkle well with the hot sauce. I like Tabasco as it doesn’t have any surprise garlic unlike many, but go with what you enjoy. Taste and add more hot sauce or salt as needed. Serve as a side.

If you aren’t sensitive to polyols and want to go veggie, some cubed avocado in this will make it more substantial or some black beans would be fantastic. I served mine with some sausages that needed eaten up. The whole meal took about ten minutes to prepare and I got to eat it outside for an extra spring feel!

*with a cup of after dinner peppermint tea I didn’t feel terrible after eating this. I hardly knew what to do with myself.

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