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Get Yer Leek On…

Golden brown and gorgeous!

Yesterday was St David’s Day and I just happened to have an abundance of leeks needing eaten, but wasn’t entirely sure what to do with them…I happened to have spend Sunday debating the perfect scone recipe with some friends and it didn’t take much to draw my eye to this recipe for Leek and Ham Cobbler. Read more

Portuguese Tapas…or how I learned to love liver.

Mister North was in London for the evening and it would have been sacrilegious to miss the opportunity to eat out together. We considered several cuisines before deciding on Portuguese. The South Lambeth Road is one of the borough’s best kept culinary secrets with its large selection of Portuguese cafes and bars, perfect for anything from a full meal to a custard tart and a coffee.

After some deliberation we decided to eat at Bar Estrela which is one of the largest and best known bars in this bit of Little Lisbon. We’ve both eaten there before and were keen to see if was as good as we remembered. Read more

Really, eely good…


Oh missus, what a chopper…

Mister North and Miss South enjoy the deliciously delicate delights of smoked eel fillet, provided by the marvellous Port of Lancaster Smokehouse in Glasson Dock.

I first tried this in Rotterdam a few years ago, after a recommendation from a local friend, who urged me to taste a morsel of lightly smoked eel. I’d had eel by then, but was overwhelmed by the experience of such a wonderfully firm flesh, infused with a delicate smokey flavour. As a result I was, if you pardon the pun, hooked.