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Reviewing the best of 2011

Interactive 360° review of the year

Well, that’s 2011 almost behind us, and 2012’s just around the corner. What a year it’s been; there’s so much to look back on! Rather than writing a long post, we wanted to do something a bit different to review the year here at North/South Food, so Mister North has created this interactive 360° review of our 2011.

We’ve both selected our favourite posts from the year: all you need to do is spin around the gallery and choose from one of the delicious food photos. You’ll see a red button on each picture; click/press it to open that post in another browser window. This interactive display should work on mobile devices as well as desktop PCs… have fun spinning around!

And what does 2012 hold for North/South Food? We have a whole lot of things to share with you! Loads of great recipes and kitchen adventures, a refreshed and updated blog design, lots of other under-the-hood changes… oh, and Mister North is on BBC TV’s ‘A Question of Taste’ on Monday 23rd January. All that’s just in January… beyond which, all we can say is it’s bound to be an exciting year!

Finally, thank you so much to all our readers and followers for your support, advice and feedback this year. Happy New Year to you all from Miss South and Mister North!