Hacked and stirred up…

Well, in what is probably a coming of age rite for up-and-coming blogs these days, we were hacked last week. Grr. Regular viewers may’ve have seen a scary-looking red splash screen which Google kindly put up when there’s potentially malware hosted on a server. Yes, it freaked us out a tad as well… but we’ve now been ruled as clean and safe again. Phew!

It seems this is all too common at the moment, especially recently as thousands of blogs are being automatically targeted in these kind of exploits. However following some in-depth homework, medium amounts of geekery and minor code-bashing in the depths of the North/South kitchen we’re back up and running again.

Normal service has been resumed, and we’ll be serving up lots more tasty posts for you soon! Thanks for your loyalty and patience 🙂 If you do see anything like this again, let us know so we can sort it out quickly. It’s always good to have multiple eyes and ears…

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  1. miss south
    miss south says:

    Praise be! Nerve wracking times! I think you should crack open the home made sloe gin to toast your skills in sorting it out!

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