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Potato Crisp Cookies

Yup. This week’s recipe is cookies made with ready salted crisps because a) I’m stuck in the house due to ill health and bored and b) why the hell not? January is a time of indecision for most people and I like to provide the answers to questions like ‘do I want crisps or a […]

Chocolate Mousse Trifle

Merry post Christmas and Happy New 2016! I hope you had a fantastic festive season and aren’t planning to punish yourselves in anyway with month long detoxes or exclusions? You can drink a wee bit less or eat more vegan food any time you know. A pissing wet January weekend isn’t my moment to have […]

Potato Choux Puffs

After years of thinking choux pastry was impossibly difficult to make, 2015 was the year I mastered it and thus was tempted to make it every day. These little party snacks are an adaptation of classic Pommes Dauphine which are mashed potato combined with choux pastry before being deep fried. Even I thought that was […]

Brixton Black Cake

Are you suddenly panicking that you haven’t got a Christmas cake? What if I told you that you could still make a homemade one and it’ll probably be the best you’ve ever eaten? Here’s a recipe for a black cake which is a traditional Caribbean fruit cake made from dried fruit soaked in rum and […]

Fodmap Friendly Granola

The places that those pesky fodmaps can hide is never ending. If there is isn’t wheat in one thing, there’s lactose in another and honey in the next. Ironically the ‘healthier’ the food is, the more likely it is that a fodmap trigger will leap out at you. I don’t really eat cereal, but I […]